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Jeff Koons: Now – Newport Street Gallery

October 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

During summer I went to see the Jeff Koons: Now Exhibition at Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall. It is a rather small exhibition in terms of the amount there is to see, but, the sheer detail and size of Koons’ work displayed really blew me away. The Gallery itself is a nice, open building with tall white rooms which really caused Koons’ pieces to be centre of attention. In Gallery 3 there were some explicit features that you were not allowed to photograph, the canvases were so big that they really empowered a certain mood to the room as soon as you walked in there; this has taught me to really think about positioning and layout in a space. My favourite piece from the exhibition was in the final gallery called Play-Doh which was a huge polychromed aluminium sculpture and basically a giant piece of play-doh. I was really impressed with how real this sculpture looked even after being enlarged so much, the colours and textures were exactly like a real pile of play-doh.

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