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Editing project – key word “Essentials” : ways of “essentials” (1)

December 16, 2016 in Journal

Editing : Essentials (1)


Research: Ways of essentials

What does ‘essentials’ mean? According to the dictionary, it means the very basic things you need to live or the most basic or most important part of some thing. It would closely related to human–the basic element for living, or it can refer to the basic parts of something that decides it nature. It is a relative and event abstract idea that you can develop in various content.

To communicate the idea of ‘essentials’, I brainstormed a loads of seemingly non-obvious related ideas, ranging  from the idea that is very personal inspired by my daily life experience to the idea that is more elusive that I got inspired from the articles I read. Some are obvious and ubiquitous, some are broad and hard to illustrate.

1.Essentials for dairy lovers who on diet


my essentials - low fat dairy

my essentials - low fat dairy

my essentials – low fat dairy

I took this idea personally, since I am the person who loves dairy product(can’t live with out it)but also on diet, the mark as ‘low fat’, ‘0% fat’ or ‘reduced fat’ become the essential word for me when I buying my dairy product.


2.Essentials appliances at home

was fridge essentials? (taken in science museum)

was fridge essentials? (taken in science museum)


was stove or washing machine essentials? (taken in science museum)

was stove or washing machine essentials? (taken in science museum)

were they essentials? (taken in science museum)

were they essentials? (taken in science museum)


I remembered these photos when I took in science museum. fridge, laundry machine, stove, set phone, computers, hair dryers… those are essentials to us in a modern daily life, we tend to ignore them all the time but will find living is quite difficult without them. Especially pay attention to the poster when these items were just created, they were not essential but somehow premium or luxury, but company emphiasize their product is an ‘essentials’– a must have in our life.

3. Essentials on your smart phone

essential apps on your device...

essential apps(not just those on the pictures) on your device…

If your smart phone doesn’t run any of these apps, it somehow lost its meaning as a smart phone…

4. Keys are essentials for you and for the lock

beautiful iron art lock found in V&A museum

beautiful iron art lock found in V&A museum

for locks, keys are their essentials (took in V&A museum)

for locks, keys are their essentials (took in V&A museum)

Essentials, it ideas works both in many ways. A key could be essentials for a man, because it is also essential for the lock, and the item behind the lock, you could argue it is essential for that man…

5. The essentials for rainy day in England.

man in rain with hat

I was surprised  by the weather in England and also their attitude towards rain. In stead of everyone carrying a umbrella in the rain, it more common to see people in rain just with a hat or hoodies. Perhaps compare to umbrella, hat or hoodies is relatively more like essentials for people to against rain.

6. Essentials for hand lettering.

my understanding for the essentials of hand lettering

my understanding for the essentials of hand lettering

my understanding for the essentials of hand lettering

my understanding for the essentials of hand lettering

Again, I took the idea of relativity of essentials and presented in the case of hand lettering. Some may say it is brush, ink or skillful hand, but I would like to say it is practice, practice, practice.

7. Essentials of a lava cake.

Image result for lava ckae

essentials of a lava cake is its lava

Image result for oreo

Image result for oreo cream

the biscuit of Oreo is so distinctive that you wouldn’t say the Oreo without its biscuit is still an Oreo

Image result for bubble tea

Image result for tea

a bubble tea with out its ‘bubble’ — its no longer bubble tea but tea…

I am a real foodie and have a quite a lot thoughts over the food. Normally in western world, the name of the food indicate the main ingredient as well as it’s specialty , it’s essentials. Different people have different judgement about their food, but for certain types of food, connoisseurs would argue what it their essentials that define the food. Lava cake is not a lave cake without its lava, lava decides its nature.

8. Essentials for human:

Well, this idea could start off with our basic living material such as water, food and shelter or even love; or we can develop it biologically, essentials could be organs, systems that made up our physical body; or biochemically, they could be minerals or vitamins that consisting those organs or systems … However, if you grab someone on the street and ask them what is their essentials, there must be someone say it is their phone( I grabbed quite a lot people at my uni and asked them, believe it or not, most of them would say their phone first), or their keys or credit cards,those are essentials that human need for living in a modern society; when we develop this idea further to the scale of the whole society, medical system, educational system etc. are essentials for human live in the society… there are so many ways that could be developed depends on the context and scale. Again,”essentials” is a relatively intangible idea in here, anything that comprise our life could be argued as essentials.

body organization and homeostasis biology of humans

modern day "essentials"

modern day “essentials”


Harold Maslow purposed a “Hierarchy of Needs”, that can be useful for understanding peoples motivations

by Yi Zhou

Session 4 Task 1 2016.11.7 Speculative Design Research

November 9, 2016 in lecture research, my future scenario, Speculative Design Research

Hi,my name is JOY(YIZHOU),a year two study abroad student who come from north east of China in chelsea college of arts,my major is textile design,and my area is knitting.I am keen on collecting things and finding beautiful moments of life,if you would like to know more from me you can email to me ( just leave comments below.Nice to meet you. 很高兴认识你。

The following are my research ,thoughts and comments on the speculative design.I am so glad to share my thoughts and interests with you.

1.Research 1


In my opinion, that is an exploration of the intersection between luxury and biology with ethic.

There is heated debate over the leather(skin) industry during these years in the social. Skin related biotechnologies seems to have caught the interest of the luxury industry. Major fashion and cosmetic companies have already signed research collaboration agreement with bioengineering institutes.

I research online(Bazar,2016) and find that a student is currently working on a collection of leather bags and jackets made from the late Alexander McQueen’s skin. Quartz reports that London-based designer Tina Gorjanc, who is a student at Central Saint Martins, is using McQueen’s DNA to grow human skin in a lab project for part of her material futures program at the fashion school.


  • process(details):

That is amazing to find that the “skin” will bear tattoos, moles and freckles reflecting the real locations, size and design of McQueen’s. Gorjanc launched the project titled “Pure Human” with hopes to bring to light “how corporations might one day exploit genetic information for luxury goods, and to showcase how little protection exists for a person’s DNA,” according to the article.

It can be checked online that Gorjanc was able to use McQueen’s DNA from the late designer’s 1992 “Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims” collection, which he sewed his own hair into. To protect the project, Gorjanc filed two patents so far—one for the “bioengineered genetic material that is grown in the lab using tissue-engineering technology and the process of de-extinction” and the other to protect the actual design process itself.

  • Comment

This research really make me think a lot about the human and animals,and I believe it is such a speculative design.I must say that it makes me feel a bit afraid because it is a almost  “real” human skin, and I believe there would be more people have the reaction which is the same as me. so think deeply,what if the change to the world after this project?I think there are more people start to know the cruel of the leather after seeing the mcqueen’s skin.There are many people like to wear animal fur,why don’t people feel scared and weird in the same way?

It takes the strategies from the Ten:

1.designs that take models from nature and history. to reduce the need to consume. for ethical production.

2.Research 2

 Sunlight Pills

I think we could all use some Sunlight Pills just about now. Which ones would you like? Bahamas, Seychelles or BoraBora?

Every winter can show the same picture: people are filled with moodiness, flaccid skin, looking dull and the tendency to a depression hit right in. Though this shouldn’t be a problem anymore .Nowadays Vaulot&Dyèvre designed a range of supplements for our lack of sunshine and to restore our vitality. The sunshine from Borabora to the Maldives, Haiti and the Bahamas is available as a healthy little pill. Though be careful and don’t exceed the recommended daily dose.(Sunlight Pills by Vaulot&Dyèvre,2014)

BoraBora02 BoraBora01

it even shows the suggestion amount that people need to take daily.(Sunlight Pills by Vaulot&Dyèvre,2014)


(I love that and so magical to see in the night.)

The pictures can be found online (Sunlight Pills by Vaulot&Dyèvre

Comment :

That is so amazing and I have never seen the sunlight can be eaten!

It is a good ethical product which suitable for the society situation that people are  busier and don’t have time to have a sunshine holiday in the seasides. The designers make such a challenge to make the “sunlight”can be eaten.In the society nowadays,A large amount of people don’t treasure their health and bodies in the modern times thus it is really a ridiculous but thought-provoking way for people to aware that we are living in a unhealthy way and we really need to treasure our environment and our bodies.

It is such a speculative design which tell human in some other ways “The first thing and the most important thing in the life is health,However,for the busy work,more and more people forget to relax themselves and have a good holiday to relax the sunshine.

I really like that package of the medicine just like a joke that you even can choose the sunlight’s location.

It takes the strategies from the Ten:

1.designs that take models from nature and history. to reduce the use of water and chemical. for ethical production. to deplore more clean and better technology.

  • Reference List

Research 1

1.Lauren Alexis fisher(2016)
. Available at: (Accessed: date).

Research 2

1. Sunlight Pills by Vaulot&Dyèvre
(2014) Available at: 9 November 2016).

Over the Garden Wall

October 23, 2016 in Photographic Research


I recently finished watching Over the Garden Wall, and I can’t stop thinking about it. Created by Patrick McHale, it’s a ten part miniseries made for Cartoon Network. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this entranced by an animated series, and I’m still trying to pinpoint what exactly it is about this show that keeps it rolling around in my head.


Above is my favourite character called Greg, and his pet frog that changes name several times through the series. Each episode is only ten minutes long yet for me encompasses the perfect blend of quality illustration and ridiculous, whimsical storylines that I adore. The backgrounds are insanely beautiful and according to wikipedia are digitally painted to resemble grisaille paintings.



Some backgrounds designed and painted by Nick Cross, the art directer for Over the Garden Wall

Backgrounds designed and painted by Nick Cross, art directer for Over the Garden Wall

As Greg and his brother Wert wander through the woods, each episode introduces a new array of characters and creatures.

Auntie Whispers, one of the most terrifying characters I've seen, who seems to bulge in every way

Auntie Whispers, a most terrifying character, who seems to bulge in every way.

These pumpkin creatures feature in Episode Two

These pumpkin creatures feature in episode two, Wert is to the right.

The Woodsman, and to the right the gleaming eyes of The Beast.

The show has this underlying menacing tone; for the entire breadth of it the children are being stalked by a creature called The Beast who is constantly seen in shadow and feared by everyone in the woods.

Yet in every episode there is also some sort of nonsensical musical feature like Greg below singing about Potatoes and Molasses (which will get stuck in your head I promise).

It’s this bizarre concoction of whimsy and horror and beauty and laughter. I love love love it and I can see it being a repeat place for me to come back to as inspiration.

Images found on Over the Garden Wall official tumblr which can be found here, and check out Art Director Nick Cross’s blog here


October 8, 2016 in 3 Visual Language, information design, typography

Here Henrietta goes over the components of a sketchbook

Visualising your PhD in 3D

October 1, 2016 in Inspiration

A workshop facilitated by Graham Barton from UAL Academic Support. Using the LEGO Serious Play method, participants were asked to construct and visualise the answer to a series of questions about their practice, research and PhD, and then explain their position to others around the table. A fun and instructive way to share experiences, discuss issues and expectations.


Above: Why take a PhD


Above: the relationship between research and practice


Above: managing the PhD


Above: positioning research and practice

The colony | Dinh Q. Le

September 17, 2016 in Gallery Visit, Photographic Research


14th September 2016

This exhibition was at Art Angel in Rye Lane.

I had not been to this venue before, I found it intriguing in the way that one had to negotiate old brick passages and stairways before entering the exhibition space. This gave a sense of not knowing what to expect and a sense of wonder on entering the large space with three enormous screens showing A/V films relating to the subject matter. Standing between three screens gave an immersive experience made better by the fact that I was the only person in the building apart from the gallery assistants.

The exhibition focused on the Guano islands off the coast of Peru.

detail from A/V ; the isalnds

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 15.41.33

original photographs by Alexander Gardner from 1865 from the Cincha Islands

exhibition literature

Also of interest was the map showing all the islands of the world affected by the Guano act of 1856 allowing United States Congress to seize  uninhabited islands anywhere in the world for the harvest of guano.

The installation was reminiscent for me of the 2011 work by Zarina Bhimji entitled ‘Yellow Patch’ made in India, and which she described as being about the light and the small details of distant interiors. Yellow patch had a very meditative feel about it, with a very slow pace. This work also showed detail of old interiors, allowing the viewer to consider the people who once lived and worked in such harsh surroundings, and then to reconsider those still working in this way.

In ‘The Colony’, old photographs were juxtaposed with film made by very modern technology; the drone. I enjoyed the way that the drones are shown in the film both as shadows over the landscape and also using a second camera. The use of music which is described in the exhibition leaflet as “apocalyptic” created a mesmerising picture of the intensely unpleasant work of loading guano onto ships. The old photographs were displayed in traditional wooden museum cases to accentuate their historic origins.

drones and guano producing birds; an appropriate reference to flight

drones and guano producing birds; an appropriate reference to the role of flight in both subject and mode of projection

Old maps were also shown in contrast with a modern digital mapping display showing worldwide Guano islands as a digitally projected and moving image.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 16.25.11 Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 16.25.25



The work was a very interesting example of site specific work, that whilebeing on a subject that I knew nothing about, was thought provoking and educational at the same time as being visually stimulating. The large screens were a main reason for this immersive experience; not many gallery spaces would be able to show this particular work.


On defining my research question – first steps

September 13, 2016 in Project Proposal, Reflection


Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 08.52.04

version 4 of my research proposal


It was only by being asked to present my research project idea, and write a proposal, that I realised that I did not have a question- more of a statement of what I am interested in.

In the space of 3 days my question has been re-drafted 4 times already, and I suspect that there will be many more refinements


to explore the concept ‘visual poetry’ with reference to different media as a means to create a series of autobiographical works

this was the starting point, but it is too vague. there is no real question to research

v2 .

What are the defining characterisitcs of artworks that may be described as ‘visual poetry’ and how may I use these to create autobiographical works using text and images?

I realise that I need to have a question to ask about visual poetry, and that I then wish to apply the answer to my own work


What are the defining characteristics of artworks that are described as ‘visual poetry’ and how may I incorporate these characteristics into my own work to create autobiographical and/or abstract works using text and images?

 I then wondered what sort of work I was looking to create, and got tied up with the words text and image. But what if I digress and make a sculpture, or an audiotape?


What are the defining characteristics of artworks that are described as ‘visual poetry’ and how may I incorporate these characteristics into my own work to create personal narratives?

This version allows for a more flexible end point, and rather than choosing to specify autobiographical or abstract outputs, both of which I am interested in, I realise that the term ‘ personal narrative’ allows for any of these, while clearly specifiying that the work is specific to myself and not about something outside of my own world.

Each of these iterations came out of time to reflect, mostly in bed….



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