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Keyframing and Production Planning

October 28, 2016 in ENO Project

Our group had a meeting with the ENO clients last Wednesday. Zuzanna and I stayed on Tuesday until late into uni trying to figure out how we could change some scenes for the better in our Animatic. We also discussed what we could do layoutwise to put into the newer animatic as a comparation how the final screenshot are going to look like.

When we showed Chris and Natasha on Wednesday our animatic, they seemed to like it which was good because we did not need to change the storyboard anymore.

What we need to focus now is to time the animation and shot change with the music we chose for it. Also we need to find a fitting piece for the beginning as for the animation to work better. Another issue we need to focus, is where exactly in the animation the dream- like sequence starts.

Next week on Monday Zuzanna and me are going to meet up and work out the issue with timing for our animatic.

Zuzanna and me realised that  we could do something with the Chess floor and make an appearance for it since the beginning.

Thursday we acted out the entire storyboard and also started keyframing some shots. Fan does the keyframes for Partenope, I do the ones for Rosmira/Eurimene and Zuzanna keyframes Arsace.

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 15.30.35

Kelvin is in charge of animating some of the effects and Valerio will Keyframe the suitors and helped to create the Layout pan for the shadow chase.

I listed in the meantime every shot for the animation so I can put a Production Plan with deadlines on the weekend, because the deadlines are not too far away:

25th November: Neat Cut (meet with client)

9th December: DEADLINE – HAND IN

13th December: Show


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