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What to do on a rainy weekend day in London?

October 17, 2015 in uncategorised

If you haven’t already been…

to escape the miserable cold, wet weather this weekend, why not visit a museum or gallery?

The Victoria & Albert Museum is full of amazing objects to inspire you… and a great fashion gallery… and FREE!!!!


The British Museum is also great for research…

The National Portrait Gallery is another great place to visit…

And then of course… Jas and Eva are at Curtain Road today and tomorrow if you want to work on developing your sewing and pattern cutting skills in OPEN ACCESS … and  they would love to see you!

Have a great weekend!



Something to do! Saturday

October 6, 2015 in uncategorised

If anyone doesn’t know the area very well and they like good food! Broadway market in London fields is a great market for food,  vintage bits and bobs! check it out!


its also just quite a nice place to be!


Dyslexia/Study Support

October 6, 2015 in uncategorised

Booking study support, for your ISHE lectures or for any writing you have to do in the future!

If you follow the link below, you’ll need to login with your university login.

click onto ‘ find rooms and peoples’ and then you’ll have a selection of study support tutors

if you click the middle icon on the study support tutors you’ll be able to select a half an hour slot with one of them!

I hope this is helpful,

If anyone is having trouble, getting through to Lucy Robinson about Dyslexia screenings, here is the Dyslexia Administrators number you guys can call them and organize a screening!


Dyslexia Administrator: 020 7514 61560

Lovely meeting you all,

Have a good one, and there’ll be more stuff coming up this year!

Rosie !



FAQ’s – for Contour Students…by Contour Students!

October 6, 2015 in uncategorised


UAL Student App Launched!

September 21, 2015 in uncategorised

The easiest way to keep up to date, check timetables ,events and Moodle, is to download  the new UAL student app

Keep checking here as well for Contour News!

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