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by Yi Zhou

Session 8: Unit 5:self evaluative report

November 29, 2016 in self evaluative report

Hi,my name is JOY(YIZHOU),a year two study abroad student who come from China in Chelsea college of arts,my major is textile and my area is knitting.I am keen on collecting things and finding beautiful moments of life,if you would like to know more from me you can email to me ( just leave comments below.Nice to meet you. 很高兴认识你。

I feel so glad that I have chance to have the classes of sustainable design which I learnt so much from this project especially for the sense and applying of the material.

There are so much new content I learnt in this project which about the sustainable design. In the first two lecture,we got in touch with the TEN strategies which are “design to minimum waste””design to cyclability” “design to reduce energy and water use””design that explore better and cleaner energy””design that take models from nature and history””design for ethical production””design to reduce the need of consume””design to develop service and system”and the last one “design activism”.These content are so interesting and colorful that I first know that a full scaled way to design in sustainable way,after this deeply study which change me a lot in my way to understand and deal with the material.

The content are so helpful for me.In the past,the yarns are just yarns in my view and I don’t have so much emotion,but for the time being, I try to understand one thing by its history and the stories which “more than itself”.For example,I usually ask myself “what is the process of the material comes out?””which kind of company design it?””what is the special difference of it from other things?”……these questions give me so much inspiration to deal with the material and help me to make the design with more kinds of choices in a more environmental way and money saving but looks better.

This project not only giving me so much knowledge but also changing my way to make my work.The project of textile this term called”color project” which need us to improve our awareness of color judging and combine the color with the material in a better way.After learning the “sustainable design”,I realize that I am so interested in the 1 and 2 from the ten which are “design to minimum waste” and “design to cyclability” .From these ,I start to pay more attention to the waste which are not cared by others.I start to take advantage of the color ,shape and the material,and then I find that it really help me a lot,it just like broaden my ways of design and help me to do my work in more ways with much more in this project ,you can see my use of “sustainable design”

(this is my textile color project called <taking on……looking for……>)

In this project I did some masks which take inspiration from the religious drawing “tibetan thangka”.

lookbook3 lookbook

(you can see the horns of the mask and some little parts which are made by waste milk bottles which have interesting shapes.)I cut the milk bottles into pieces like”handles””circles”……which can be used very well.


(I drank so many bottles of sainsbury those days.)

In this project,I put my feeling as the highlight of the final.I am a study abroad student in Chelsea.I felt so weak when I came to London and study here for so many differences,and I just would like to make the masks to hide my real weak face and to show others my power I didn’t have (just like the masks.)However,I must admit that “sustainable design”give me so much inspiration and knowledge of material which make me have the “power” and “courage” now to face with more differences of the culture.

I believe that after taking inspiration from the sustainable design I would go on designing with more thoughts of waste which are dropped away by understanding their stories and background behind them.

At last,I want to say thank you to the tutor Gabrielle Miller.Thank you for giving me so much suggestion and your patient to solve my problems.I am so glad and fortunate to have the “sustainable design” classes, and I will go on hard working in my following projects.


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