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General Update

January 17, 2017 in My Work

Christmas time kind of swept me up and I seemed to fall off the blog wagon completely. So a quick catch up.

Here is my mood change walk from pre-Christmas.


Over the holidays I ate my body weight in food and then kept eating and was sadly not as productive as I’d hoped. But here is a teeny tiny paper family portrait (they were each about 3cm big) I then turned into a bauble for part of my Mum’s Christmas present (with me ruining that brown and red aesthetic with my ridiculous hair).


I also worked on updating/redecorating my website over here and I’m excited to add an animation section to that front page soon.

Our 60’s counter culture march sequence was due the first day we got back and I realise on this blog this project hasn’t even been mentioned. I genuinely struggled with this project a lot more than I thought I would.

While I hesitated on what part of the history I wanted to focus on (I mean can you really choose between bagism and defying gender and protests and generally just some people being radical and great) I ultimately came back to what I was first drawn to; the Miss World Protests. Portraying this was something I was hesitant about; having a lot of respect for second-wave feminism and all it achieved (but obviously remaining critical of it’s failings to take into account race and gender identity issues) made me second guess my style of character design. My characters are always quite cutesy and disproportionate and I didn’t want this to read as any form of dismissal or belittling of the people involved in the protests. It was a strange ongoing discussion in my head.

Heck maybe I was over thinking it. But I’d rather overthink my work and at the very least be critically aware of what I’m putting out there and what it’s implying.

So my character design ended up being quite simple. Long stereotypical 60’s hair covering the body to try and dismiss notions of physical characteristics defining someones gender (heya bagism) and some little legs and 60’s style long scarf. That was quite simply it. The varying shades of orange reflect quite possibly every 60’s colour palette ever (seriously so many orange tones) and the hair is purple because it is between blue and pink (always coming back to notions of gender).

It was a lot of fretting for a very simple result. But I’m happy and it was fun.


She was originally drawn in Animate CC in our Tuesday classes with Shaun, then animated in After Effects using the puppet tool. I then brought her into TV Paint so I could play with her frame by frame. Her scarf pattern I threw together on illustrator so she’s a super mixed media tiny thing.

I know the Royal Albert Hall didn’t want anything on the signs for our march which I was a bit disappointed about so within her strands of hair are the words of one of the main chants from the Miss World Protests:

We’re not beautiful. We’re not ugly. We’re angry.

All things four legged to come soon!


November 28, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work

I have yet to decide exactly what the composition will be, but I’ve decide on using these two fabrics and the black ink wash paper as its ‘canvas’/’frame’. I’m finding it hard placing the material so it won’t give off any meanings that I didn’t intend to be there. For example, I feel that when the viewer knows the piece is about a relationship from reading the title ‘lovers’, depending on how i position the material they may think there is a tension or struggle in the relationship. Or that there is some sort of power play if one is completely covering the other material. So both materials need to have a similar onto/covering ratio.


15207953_1456697591011924_1497327291_n 15208032_1456697457678604_834582201_n 15218176_1456697084345308_1262789612_n 15218195_1456697251011958_1353522555_n 15227974_1456697611011922_1075649644_n 15239410_1456697574345259_923692837_n 15240233_1456697351011948_1979123037_n 15281913_1456697127678637_776185676_n


November 28, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work

I’ve decided to continue with fabric as my medium rather than drawing it for my piece in the exhibition. But I want it to evolve more – I used ink washed paper for my first piece I showed at chelsea, ‘venus of flat 171b’. (I don’t think this gives a valuable reason, just nice coincidence.) I think i’m going to use it. It makes the fabric more visible and confuses the boundaries of 2D and 3D further.

15281012_1456291077719242_1606404019_n 15239347_1456291104385906_323367657_n 15211667_1456291114385905_362212752_nscreen-shot-2016-11-25-at-09-15-03


November 28, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work

Looking at using different types of materials together. I like the over lapping of the sheer material, its translucency creates an interesting layer with the cotton. The historical reference of veiled figures, mainly women, in sculpture and paintings adds to my concept of intwining the significance of drapery in art into my work. However will the difference in fabric make people think of different class/wealth?


15239368_1456291137719236_1124959697_n 15208992_1456291174385899_1031405053_n 15281990_1456291281052555_2042783658_n


November 27, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work

15239376_1456217214393295_1779953976_n  15218614_1456217341059949_1403108462_n  15218761_1456217147726635_1068394684_n 15226527_1456217111059972_1116306792_n


November 25, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work


drawing on wooden panel, black spray paint and coloured pencil.


November 25, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work



November 25, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work

I hung this for my studio crit. I was interested from the feedback how most people’s interpretations of the piece was how I thought it would be after I explained what I was looking at, what it showed. In retrospect i think I should have said nothing and seen what they thought it could have represented without my influence on them. Some issues I need to think about after the feedback is how I label the piece. It’s about relationships on a universal level I guess, so to label it man and women would be excluding, it would also make people think who is the man and who is the women. Most people will after seeing the labelling ‘lovers’ but it will leave it more open. As I want people to put themselves and their own relationship/s onto the piece. My tutor Jeff was interested of my use of drapery as skin and suggested I look into drapery in art history. Before the studio critique I drew the fabric hanging up in my flat – using the same mediums as ‘venus of flat 171b’ – on a black ink wash with coloured pencils. Jeff bought up an idea that I might try and draw the drapery, put it back into normal 2d terms would hold a lot of historical reference.

15058730_1442585775756439_768057985_n 15058657_1442585749089775_602782482_n 15049659_1442585739089776_380161774_n


November 25, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work

More experiments with different materials, looking at how they drape, create ripples and creases. Trying a thinner, see-through fabric and a heavier, leathery textured one. The heavier one does take better shape and looks the most like skin/flesh out of all the materials I’ve tried so far.


15087061_1442583522423331_182031330_n 15045759_1442584459089904_1347625199_n15086204_1442584129089937_2040597544_n 15050361_1442583855756631_1895834806_n


November 25, 2016 in LOVERS, My Work

Looking at changing the colour and markings of the fabrics, which are more susceptible  to dye than others. I used coffee (left) and avocado skins (right), leaving samples to steep for 4 hours. The more natural fibres the material contained the better they held the dye.

15050030_1442614495753567_1500917233_n(coffee) 15046322_1442614465753570_831810902_n(avocado)

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