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Mission Accomplished.

December 9, 2016 in ENO Project


After more than 24 hours awake, the use of 10 computers in the computer lab, an essay to finish and Premiere not working correctly, Zuzanna and me managed to finish this project.

I have never worked on such a complicated and stressful project like this one. We shed blood sweat and tears to finish this, for our love to animation and our course.

We had our laughs and serious issues with this project, but we finished this once and for all. Now the assessment crit awaits us… after that i’ve got to pack and catch tomorrow a plane at 10 am. I will be dead on the weekend, but this comes first.

As soon as the animation becomes available on the ENO youtube page, I will share it on here, as well as all the Animatic work in process updates we made throughout the project.

Rough Cut Crit

November 25, 2016 in ENO Project

So today was our rough cut crit.

Zuzanna and I turned up very early at 9:00 after having trying to finish keyframing shots the night before, to complete the animatic for the rough crit. After all difficulties we presented what we had at that point and the ENO representatives as well as our tutors seemed to be very happy with it, specially because the week before we were so far behind, that I feared we wont finish on time.

I still think that we can’t really take a breath from it. We struggled to finish the keyframes and now we have about two weeks to finish the animation and the coloring, not to mention the postproduction!!

There is a chance that we finsh the project in time but i fear that we might not…

Motion Blurring

November 21, 2016 in ENO Project



At some point this week I encountered a problem:

I had a 25 fps shot where one character moves her head from one end to the other side, and I did not know how to make it move fast but also that it didn’t look wrong.

It was late as well, so my brain was having a hard time to understand what animation principle I should apply here. I realized later that it was the blurring effect what I was looking for.

After a little research I managed to create the intended blur, which is included in the final animation.


More Work.

November 1, 2016 in ENO Project, uncategorised

This ENO Project is more complicated than expected… there are 5 people assigned for each project, which should actually be enough to share the workload equally and make it possible to finish the project in time and with no complications.

Well, we got a bit unlucky in ours, as it seems like only 2 of us seem to be constantly working on the project. I guess you find that in every working placement, but this a bit unfair for a project. Zuzanna and me are spending at least 18 to 19 hours of the day on the project, we use the other 5 to 6 hours for sleep compensation and hygenical care.

I guess this is what I would call the worst case scenario in a working environment.

The problem is not only that we have a huge workload, it is also that the litte amount of work done by our colleagues need often to be redone.

For example:


The characters on the right might seem to be alright, but when playing the animation, they look as they are melting. (The character at the very left is animated by me). I don’t know if I will have time to correct them, we have a very tight schedule, but I do not understand how they couldn’t be done rightly in the first place, instead of leaving everything to the end.

I think this teaches me a lot every day what it is like working within the industry. Don’t get me wrong, I love working in a group, but I completely hate to work with people that can’t be bothered to share interest at all in the project.

Keyframing and Production Planning

October 28, 2016 in ENO Project

Our group had a meeting with the ENO clients last Wednesday. Zuzanna and I stayed on Tuesday until late into uni trying to figure out how we could change some scenes for the better in our Animatic. We also discussed what we could do layoutwise to put into the newer animatic as a comparation how the final screenshot are going to look like.

When we showed Chris and Natasha on Wednesday our animatic, they seemed to like it which was good because we did not need to change the storyboard anymore.

What we need to focus now is to time the animation and shot change with the music we chose for it. Also we need to find a fitting piece for the beginning as for the animation to work better. Another issue we need to focus, is where exactly in the animation the dream- like sequence starts.

Next week on Monday Zuzanna and me are going to meet up and work out the issue with timing for our animatic.

Zuzanna and me realised that  we could do something with the Chess floor and make an appearance for it since the beginning.

Thursday we acted out the entire storyboard and also started keyframing some shots. Fan does the keyframes for Partenope, I do the ones for Rosmira/Eurimene and Zuzanna keyframes Arsace.

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 15.30.35

Kelvin is in charge of animating some of the effects and Valerio will Keyframe the suitors and helped to create the Layout pan for the shadow chase.

I listed in the meantime every shot for the animation so I can put a Production Plan with deadlines on the weekend, because the deadlines are not too far away:

25th November: Neat Cut (meet with client)

9th December: DEADLINE – HAND IN

13th December: Show


Character Designs and more Storyboard Thumbnails

October 24, 2016 in ENO Project

Some more sketchbook work related to ENO Project. Today Zuzanna and I tried to simplify the characters a bit more, so it becomes easier for everyone to draw.

We are aming to Keyframe the Rough Animatic as much as possible by Wednesday, as we are meeting Natasha from ENO to show our process, and this time, we will have some final designs for the Characters.

It looks like I will be in charge of animating Rosmira, the reason why there are more sketches of her. I have to admit that I might practice sketching her until the end of this week to adapt Zuzanna’s style as it is difficult to adapt. Let’s see what happens… perhaps I will be drawing them tomorrow better and in time for cleaning up our animatic.




img004 2

img005 2



ENO: Shadow Play Sketches

October 19, 2016 in ENO Project, uncategorised

Some storyboard suggestions sketches from my part to include into the current rough animatic, just to make sense of the Short Film as well as some suggestions about simplifying the main characters and making a difference to their design.






ENO Pitch: Lulu (Part 2)

October 19, 2016 in ENO Project, uncategorised

Here are some of the Concept Art Pictures that were presented at the Pitch last friday (14.10.2016).  My project wasn’t chosen, but it reached me quite a bit about pitching and to move on if your project isn’t chosen.

At least, it is something for my portfolio and it showed me how to work under pressure. All images were created in a time span of a week, so I am quite happy about jaw they turned out. 🙂







Right now, I was chosen to work on Zuzanna Odolczyk’s Partenope Project which is called “Shadow Play” along with Valerio Vigano, Fan Jia and Kelvin Francis.

ENO Pitch : Lulu

October 10, 2016 in ENO Project, uncategorised

It’s been less than a week since I’m back and we are already expected to pitch our project Idea to the ENO people. After spending 3 months back at home (which was good) I recovered and also had enough time to come up with a decent idea for the project pitch.

We need to present our idea to Shelly Page and the ENO representatives by the end of this week. Over summer, we had to choose between 3 Operas:

  1. The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan
  2. Lulu by Alban Berg
  3. Partenope by Handel

At the beginning I wanted to do something fun after such a depressing disease project back in June, so I started doing my research for Pirates of Penzance. I loved the jolly and catchy music and watched the entire Opera and as well as the 1983 Film that was released. I recommend it to everyone, it is such a well staged film with a lot of surprises and great actors, as well as stage design. Spoilers: Angela Landsbury and Kevin Kline are part of this marvellous cast.

Here is the link:


as much as I tried to come up with Ideas, I did not find one that I liked. The main problem I had with this opera was that there were way too many characters and all characters were too 1-dimensional. All of them were quite a bit stereo typish for my taste and felt helpless.

So I put this Opera aside and had a look at Lulu.

As Lulu was originally written in German (my second language) I managed to find a script online and had a read through. While reading I immediately had an Idea for it which was a bit complicated but as well very dramatic and powerful. I did not need more time to think wether I’m taking this Idea or not.

So I started my research on this one, watched the entire Opera in German and William Kentridges stage design. I loved the complexity of the main Character and how she was a 3-dimensional Character. Lulu is the protagonist of the Opera and is a victim of society as well as the aggressor of the entire play.

Here are some of the sketches I started working in August, just a few concept ideas:


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