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[Journey] Background Study

February 20, 2017 in Drawing

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February 18, 2017 in Drawing









December 2, 2016 in Drawing, Sketchbook

For the Chelsea’s first exhibition on second year I exhibited a drawing of a drawing that I had originally done at the Natural History Museum. It started as a sketch but I noticed that I started being interested in different forms and patters that are occuring in nature eg. in fossils, stones etc. The forms are mainly abstract and the process becomes a process of selection; finding these patterns becomes the process as you’re zooming in and trying to see something that is not seen without a close scrutinization.

Throughout the year I’ve been doing small scale drawings of abstract patterns and currently I’m connecting these more into organs or something that is happening on a cellular level and perhaps into something that is quite alien. I’ve been considering to do ceramics for awhile now and it would be interesting creating abstract lumps of ceramics and later on transforming them into drawings.

Finnish men #2

November 7, 2016 in Drawing, Photography


For now I’ve been transforming my documentations of Finnish men on paper; I wanted to transform my photographs into drawings as I felt that the characters were lacking something in my images. I felt that drawing would bring more depth in to the work and the process of transforming from another material to another was an interesting aspect as well. I have figured out that in my drawings I want to capture a moment, me creating my observations/memories again but I feel as well that the images have to have more flavour in them. The surrealist images of Francesca Woodman have made me realise that I want my drawings to have that certain kind of disturbness as Woodman has in her photography. I feel that I have to pay more attention to the image’s styling/composition so that my drawings will gain that certain something, which they are now lacking.  During the process, a few possible outcomes have risen above the others and the main question was whether to keep the images real or surreal.

I came to the conclusion that I wanted to try something different thus I started experimenting with the surreal. Keeping the drawings as plain figurative ones didn’t somehow serve the subject well but the reason could be that my photographs are quite mundane which is why the drawings turned out to be a bit mundane as well. I felt that the person has to be more than just a man sitting on a sofa as the subject is quite heavy as well. The decision to make the character blurry would change the viewer’s perception of the drawing though and the face’s expression wouldn’t be as clear as I was planning in the beginning, a sad man sloutching on the sofa. By taking away the drawing’s accuracy to me it now portrays the man’s mind-set: unclearity.

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