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March 6, 2017 in uncategorised

After the four week start to term we had a two week holiday so I returned home to London for a few days.

I came back to class last Monday to a Life Drawing class in which we were looking at dance. We were taught a selection of dance moves which we practiced before attempting to draw them when posed by the model. I found it a useful technique to understand which muscles are in use in each pose. On Tuesday we had workshop classes in InDesign and Typon which were very interesting and I’m looking forward to making use of the Typon workshop. On Wednesday I just had class in the evening, funnily its actually an English class but the group works on career skills and it is a good opportunity to speak with my year group tutor. On Thursday we had a class in our magazine design. I am enjoying having a project that involves working in a team as it really helps to improve my French as well as graphic design skills. That evening I had the first lesson of one of the illustration courses. For this class we were looking at inspirational material but as of yet I am not sure what we will be working on – I will let you now next week!

Friday’s first class was in Didactique Visuelle and I have chosen to focus my project on Nature Collections and form a Cabinet of Curiosities made up of items I have collected during my life. Following this class was my other Illustration class in which we showed our progress in our comic strips project ‘Strip Tease’ which much involved characters undressing. My final class of the week was a drawing skills class in which we had to draw many animals on one page and include one imagined animal. The tutor then had to be able to name all the animals and notice the false one.

At the weekend I joined my group for the magazine project to work together and attended a tea party. One of the magazine projects is focused on the sales of women underwear and so I agreed to join in and be photographed for the project along with some other students.

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