fabric animation

February 24, 2017 in uncategorised

For the walk cycle exercise, I first completed the line test using a horse on the last day of class of 2016. Then, recently I traced over that onto fabric using fabric paint. It was the slowest animation process I have attempted (it takes four hours to dry so one frame was completed every 4 hours for about a week!). I enjoyed the process of it and through the lightbox I realised many materials can become transparent enough to trace line tests. Each material worked in a different way, some were very transparent but then the paint seeped through to it became a matter of making it smear the least amount possible. Another material was quite stretchy so it became a bit distorted as I traced each frame. Another material was quite thick and the paint didn’t seep through at all but it was just barely transparent enough to see the line test. Final animation and fabric tests below ~~



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