February 22, 2017 in Shows

This past weekend I had the pleasure in going to Copenhagen, besides catching up with friends I was mostly excited about the galleries because some great artists had work around (Mika Rottenberg, Hito Stereyl and Yayoi Kusama) and I was pleasantly surprised by some of the Danish artists as well. On Saturday we went to the MoMA in Louisiana and saw Louise Bourgeois exhibition Structures of Existence. Apart of the permanent collection was Yayoi Kusama’s Gleaming Lights of the Souls, 2008, (among other things). Whenever I’ve gone to see Kusama’s work the wait has been over three hours so I’ve never bothered, luckily this time it was only fifteen minutes. It was tranquil and lovely and most definitely worth the wait!

On Sunday we spent over three hours at ‘Kunsthal Charlottenborg’, Hito Stereyl was exhibiting her video installation – Factory in the Sun and there was a large group show with all kinds of work. It was incredibly curated, engaging and fluid- we completely lost track of time.

Works that I loved:

Jan Ijas, WASTE no.2. WRECK, 2015 – a short film exploring decaying objects and their ability to produce a kind of desire and value after a disaster in Lampedusa, Italy.

Kristina Skantze, Body Anagram – the installation was disturbing and bizarre with shiny disassembled silk stuffed body parts scattered along a pedestal. Behind played what felt like a twisted home video with groups of children playing with the stuffed “body parts” in silence. The piece was simultaneously seductive and uncomfortable through the materials and familiar signifiers, once I was hooked I was soon disturbed – it was great.

Physical Culture by Julie Héneault, Margaux Parillaud, Ursula Marcussen and Line-Gry Hørup – The large scale video installation consisted of a colorful rug for viewers to sit on, a large video projection and a smaller TV on the rug with headphones attached to it. The headphones didn’t play any sound which I thought was brilliant. They acted as an invitation for viewers to approach and engage with the smaller video that otherwise might have been disregarded – the silence almost made me more aware and intrigued for some reason.

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I was initially skeptical by Timo Wrights, dried bee installation Nemesis, as there wasn’t much context in the gallery and essentially just a large carpet like rectangle with 1,000,000 dried bees along the floor. But after reading about the work online all the bees died of natural causes and were collected over two winters. We relay on bees to pollinate most of our foods however fast growing numbers of bees are dying and impacting this process heavily. One of the main reasons these bees are dying is due to pesticide use and other toxic chemicals. I’m very interested in this kind of work but there wasn’t another channel of information alongside leaving me confused and unaware of his process..

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