February 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

The theme of Studio 4 is based on Whitechapel’s market stalls. The first team designed inverted and pitched roof sections for their pavilion and managed to build each of these today, along with a scale model which they had laser cut from their 3D design files. There were quite a few problems, such as scale and their ability to put up the structure with man power and in fact, as we were talking the roof was being put up and you could clearly see it beginning to wobble.  Bracing of the structures was also an after thought so this coincided with the issues they had with lack of materials. 

The second team has been analysing potential joints for their 3 axis design. They also created a CNC file for cutting the structure, making the day plain sailing as they had every single joint and piece ready to cut from CAD files and ready for assembly. Fingers crossed that the structure will finally come to life tomorrow!

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