February 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

“It can get quite complex if you don’t get it out in full scale” – Sherry, member of studio 2.

Studio 2 have worked on their cantilever structures further through creating a base for their 1:1 model of the pavilion. From building this imposing structure they have had to adjust the angles. They have spent the day understanding the implication of their previous designs and concepts through working in a 1:1 scale. Their secondary team has been working on the joint system that they have been developing during the past few days.

Improving it through experimenting in smaller and larger scales. They have also tested different materials. In parallel, a part of their team is working on modelling the combination of the joint and cantilever structures digitally, to understand how they work together. In this studio, the efficient distribution of the tasks has really helped them push their design forward. Tomorrow, they will be taking their concept even further and refining this existing elegantly complex model.

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