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The live project studio have split up into two teams, turning the brief into an internal competition within the group. One of the teams is looking into using the existing ping pong tables as a space to exhibit work but also to play tournaments and turn the degree show into a very interactive experience. Team voice Jake Sherwood sees this as a “Pie chart where 70 percent of the design goes towards displaying work and the remaining 30 percent towards the interactive ping pong games.” They have split up into 3 teams and have been testing demountable and transformable structures. Acknowledging that Ping Pong is a sport that takes up more space than one would imagine, this team is facing a number of constraints in terms of spatial arrangement. Their main concern is achieving the optimal mobility and the structure must easily switch from work to play.











The second team is designing a multiple arch structure that encapsulates revolving mechanisms, similar to revolving doors. These systems will allow large drawings to spin around and to therefore be perceived from different angles.

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