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February 7, 2017 in Gender, Inclusive Teaching & Learning in HE

Supporting Trans Students

How could you apply the resources to your own teaching practice?
Looking through the site is helping me to understand some of the most common issues that are troubling Trans students. Indeed this is will help me to understand what the person might be going through next time I have to deal with an upset Trans student. . . we do get lots of upset and stressed students, mainly for issuses regarding datelines and school work, but next time I need to offer support to a Trans student,  I’ll put in practice the site info and tips.

How could you integrate the research/work your students do on this subject into your teaching/professional practice?
The Student union website is full on information that can help me to make sure I make Trans people feel welcome in our workshop. Thinks like “what not to say/ask” is just brilliant because sometime curiosity can make the worst of us. Also the statement “don’t make assumptions, just ask them” is very encouraging.

Can you cite examples?
Often, while dealing with the students, I try to be as friendly as possible using chit-chat that will make the student feel more relax and welcome. If that chit chat turns into a more personal level, the site is been great to make sure I don’t ask the wrong questions or say the wrong think.

Also, if I’m not sure how to address a student I could ask directly “Soooo, I like people to refer to me as she/her, what about you?”


update 7 .02. 2017

The site also gives direct advice to the staff: Be aware of the power dynamic that exists between students and staff

As educators we must show respect in our professional role and avoid discrimitation, but we also need to make sure all students treat each other with respect.

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