Little Mermaid

January 31, 2017 in uncategorised

After sketching up different compositions for Little Mermaid’s illustration I started to draw all the elements which might go into the piece and test out different mediums, shapes for each element. From shells, to a lighthouse, to backgrounds and the Little Mermaid herself, using felt tip and watercolour I developed an array of visuals which I could then play with on Photoshop to create the final outcome.

From my last tutorial I knew I needed to create all the elements I was going to use and start to compose my final pieces together, I had done a lot of experimentation and tests with different mediums and now knew what mediums I wanted to use (watercolour, felt tip, pencil and collage), my next step was to start colour tests and playing with typography for each image.

Each image I imagine in a newspaper or magazine article about the ways in which we use social media, I hope to approach some magazines in the hope they might use my work. Each image would have a funny/dark tagline underneath it so explain what is happening in the image and add to the concept.


Fisherman,sailing and wooden boats to put in the background of the illustration.


Silhouettes of boats, the iPhone Little Mermaid will be using with her tail cropped out to take the perfect selfie, fish scale tests.


Cloud texture and sun tests.


Quick collaged sketches using pencil, watercolour, crayon and chalk.


Little Mermaid character development. The view will be behind her back so the viewer can see the phone screen she is using to take the selfie with and her cropped out tail.


More Little Mermaid development with a lighthouse and rock tests for the Little Mermaid to be sitting on. I like the watercolour little mermaids the best, especially for the tail but I might try the watercolour tail and wax crayon red hair together.



Cliffs in the background and shells for her shell bra.


Working on the background I played with the idea of creating a coast shoreline or having beach huts in the background, I created these using watercolour and felt tip. However, when dropped onto the illustration I found they didn’t add anything better to the image. Although I do like the beach hut paintings.


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