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January 25, 2017 in uncategorised

the need for change ~  the ever-growing diverse student population has shown the need to train teachers in inclusive practice, especially for those teaching in the ever-changing context in art and design education, the quality of cultural open-mindedness and universal teaching thinking are vital ingredients to teach well.

demand and supply ~   the self-evaluation framework developed by the HEA provide a platform for students to work with teachers to improve the existing curriculum.  the peer-peer teaching observation is a good method for blind spot finding.

should learning and teaching in art and design be branded as “global Britain” business ?  should the curriculum design only based on feedbacks ??  

reference :

● NUS (2011) Liberation, Equality, and Diversity in the Curriculum.

● Finnigan, T and Richards, A. (2016) Retention and attainment in the disciplines: Art and Design. HEA.

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