January 23, 2017 in IID

Shown here are two screenshots of my final design. The first is what comes up when you first click on the page and the second is what happens when you start to scroll down.

final-design-1 final-design-2When you start to scroll down the page the title at the top disappears leaving the subtitle at the top and the black line; which when clicked automatically goes back to the top of the page. The logo, navigation, contents and the summary at the two sides of the page stay exactly where they are even when scrolling around. The navigation allows you to jump back to the home page, change the settings (language etc), a profile button to log in and edit posts, a quick search tool and a related topics button. The content enables you to jump to the section of the page that you wish to view without having to scroll through the whole thing and the summary at the side means that you can find out a few quick facts about the page / person without reading the article.

All the information I used came directly from the original Wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump

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