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January 18, 2017 in uncategorised

Lecture by Professor Susan Orr, Dean of Teaching & Enhancement,  18th January 

The idea of the ‘imposter’ – the imposter syndrome, a conversation that I’d previously had with my tutor Lucy, the person next to me was recently graduated and still felt like a student – the idea is to flip it  – being a recent graduate would surely be a bonus to be able to relate. The image below (from an unrelated to education article in the  New York Times) points to an interesting thought – Maybe our strengths are sometimes masked as weaknesses when we judge ourselves.


Image ref

The word polytechnic was around in the Nineteenth Century, has education become polymorphous in the 21st Century?

On a tech note, we used a shared Google Doc  – which was a great way of tapping into group thinking.

From group thinking on particular approaches to teaching and learning, one element struck me on the ownership of learning  – tutor’s role is that of a midwife.

Pedagogy of Ambiguity – We need to understand that there is ambiguity but students need to feel safe.

Education is a creative practice in itself.

Tripartite course team – that technicians are integral to course team  ‘the delivery team’.

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