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January 17, 2017 in uncategorised

I’ve continued to research artificial intelligence for my film idea and accompanying me on my daily commutes has been the book by Yuval Noah Harari called Homo Deus – A Brief History of Tomorrow. From what I’ve read so far I would recommend it. The book isn’t really about AI, but the future problems we might face.

He starts by looking at previous enemies of mankind such as war, famine and the plague are now under control and compare these to the present day by concluding that more people die from suicide, rather than war. More people die from eating too much, rather than famine and more people die from old age rather than diseases.

The final part of his book explores what he feels is happening and the possible route it could take. He starts by taking a look at that he sees as challenges now, by covering the quest for immortality and happiness and how people will increasingly give up jobs and decisions to machines.

It is really the final part of this book that fits in with my message for my film, how we have started to become emotionally dependant on technology and algorithms are doing more tasks for us and taking jobs we would do and suggest we might one day struggle to create enough jobs that we can do better than algorithms.

Another chapter which has stuck with me is how a piece of headgear that is used to alter neurones in the brain to help treat people in the army cope with the devastating things they witness and go through, which I find understandable. His concern is that it could be used more widely and if people start we could then just alter our minds to make us change the way we think and feel are be moving away from being able to feel different emotions and he envisages mankind evolving into something completely unrecognisable from today.

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