Christmas Cards 2016

January 13, 2017 in uncategorised

Hello! Happy 2017! 13 days late into the new year, but hey at least it’s somethin’


To start off the new year, I wanted to share the work I did making my christmas cards!

So it began with the fact that I always wanted to make some christmas cards, but I had always left it to the last minute. So I made sure that 2016 would not be that year! But what would they be? I didn’t want to make a typical christmas card, snow, children playing and presents… mostly because I didn’t feel like that reflects my christmas. For a start, London barely has any snow in december (meanwhile January it’s been at it for two days), Children playing felt very strange for a 23-year old skinny white guy to draw about and presents are far and few between for me at my age.

In the end, I was very random and decided to go with something I like… MONKEYS! I just thought it would be funny and interesting to throw together monkeys/apes interacting with christmassy things, ie Christmas Crackers and mince pies.

I began sketching and came up with these four…xmas-monkeys_002_004 xmas-monkeys_002_003 xmas-monkeys_002_002 xmas-monkeys_002_001


And I choose two, more out of time and money, I had to budget the amount of cards I wanted to print, to paint and finish.


xmas_001_001 xmas_002_001


I was sort of happy with the final look. I prefer the monkey above to the gorilla below, mostly colour choices. But next time I print some cards, I shall definitely take even more consideration to time making them.


Anyway, on with the new year and exciting times ahead.



Until next time!


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