Science and Technology Need Ethical Evaluation and Restraint?

January 11, 2017 in uncategorised

Science and Technology Need Ethical Evaluation and Restraint?
– Closed Area of Scientific Research
Science and technology need not ethical evaluation, the development of science and technology should not be restricted,This is a controversial issue.

The so-called “closed area” of scientific research can generally be understood as: the existence of scientific research does not allow the objects and fields involved, or refers to the use of artificial force to interfere, prevent, prohibit, against scientific research.In essence, science is human nature, society, human body, thinking and other phenomena inherent in the law of exploration, is a spiritual activity.

From the history of human knowledge, history of science or from social reality, the pace of scientific progress is unstoppable, because the nature of science is to keep making progress, innovation, never stop. As Americans say: science is the only unrestricted human activity. In this regard, science is indeed no “closed area”.

However, the side effects or potential negative effects of science and technology in social development, such as the threat of nuclear weapons, environmental pollution, ecological imbalance, resource shortages, population crisis, and the negative impact of science and technology on social development are obvious and obvious have spread to the world, as more and more people are concerned.

Especially when the scientific research into the field of human life, such as the human genome and genetic research, artificial reproductive technology, cloning technology have been significant results and try to put into practical application, and leads to a series of corresponding social, legal, ethical and so on, often make people lament “science and technology is a double-edged sword”, not without worries: whether should the development of science and technology to give appropriate guidance and constraints?

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