January 10, 2017 in IID

I wanted to find out what the most viewed Wikipedia page was ever, but after a quick search found that the site itself actually had a page dedicated to displaying the top 25 viewed pages from each individual week.


This week the top result was Donald Trump so this is the page that I am going to redesign.


The one this I like the most about the way that Wikipedia is designed is the way that each page has a brief summary at the side. For example on Donald Trump’s page it has his name at the top followed by a photograph and then who he is (45th President of the United States), and then a few main things about him (DOB etc).










I also like the summary navigation on each page so that you can skip to a specific part rather than having to scroll through everything. However there is a lot of blank space to the side of it which I feel is not very aesthetically pleasing and wastes a lot of space on the page.


After looking into the design of a Wikipedia page, I have a very good idea of what I like, what I would change and the way I want my final redesign to turn out.

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