Brainstorming a story for my Final Project

January 9, 2017 in Animation Projects, final project

This is the final project and this will be the end of my course.

What kind of story that I want to tell?

I don’t want to do something just simply entertaining and then be forgotten easily.

I want to an animation that let people want to watch again and again and have more and more feelings each time they see it. I also don’t want to tell a clear story without a clear ending so that I can leave some space to let audience image what it real happened.

The concept of the story
The beginning is the ending, and the ending is the beginning.


Since last term, I kept thinking about the story for my final project and I knew what kind of feelings and the things that I want to animate. I had written many complete stories since I was in high school, and they all have clear storyline and ending but as simple as fairytales. However, I want to do something different and without a clear or happy ending this time.

I had two stories in my mind, and I didn’t know which one that I liked the most. Those two stories are not yet finished so I wrote the concepts and ideas separately and thought about them at the same time. Then, the new story about two girls with the same look became clearer and clearer.

I wrote down the story in both Chinese and English from the beginning to the ending several times to clear my imagination. This new story came from many images in my head, and I found it slightly difficult for me to write the story in words, which is unusual to me because I had wrote many short stories before.


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