December 16, 2016 in IID

Whilst analysing Wikipedia I am going to focus on a few different things that will help me redesign. These things are:

  • colour scheme
  • fonts and font sizes
  • target audience
  • devices being used for access

I have also found a few examples of Wikipedia when it has been redesigned, these are:


From these examples, I have realised that even a well designed global website like Wikipedia: will still have flaws and improvements that can be made. When it comes to design, it is very individual so designing something that is admired by everyone is an unrealistic expectation and definitely something to remember when receiving criticism.

Thinking just about the current colour scheme for Wikipedia; mainly black and white, I found that these colours were used to depict an online book, hence the colourless theme. I would like to include more colour within my redesign to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The target audience for redesign Wikipedia is anyone and everyone that uses the internet. In a lot of internet searches, Wikipedia will be one of the top pages to appear and therefore is viewed by thousands of people everyday.


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