December 9, 2016 in IID

“Re-Design Wikipedia. Deconstruct how Wikipedia works and why it has been designed that way, include testing. Your outcome should be well considered and rigorous rather than just an aesthetic redesign.”

We were given printouts of the Wikipedia page of “Cats.” We were told to analyse the webpage and explain why certain sections were displayed in a certain way. After we analysed the webpage in pairs, we went around and discussed the advantages and disadvantages. Most of the groups came up with similar points.

These images was taken from our session:







The start of this project will be entirely research based, figuring out the main features and also the history of Wikipedia itself. This will help me to understand how everything works and, hopefully, why it was designed that way in the first place.

The next step for me will be to decide how I want the final design to look and how I’m going to redesign it; before the actual making process of it all.

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