Louise Bourgeois

December 9, 2016 in uncategorised

If we are talking about female sexual awakening there is no chance that I would leave out Louise Bourgeois.  Instead of taking about her stunning sculptures I would like to mention some of her paintings in this post.









Louise Bourgeois  10 AM Is When You Come to Me, (detail), 2006 Etching, watercolor, pencil and gouache on paper, 20 pages Etsning, akvarell, blyerts och gouache på papper, 20 sidor Collection The Easton Foundation Photo: Christopher Burke, ©The Easton Foundation/Licensed by BUS 2015



The series of paintings using red ink and expressive strokes are her representations of love both in the most physical form and elusive form of touch she has not been shy at depicting what she thinks is necessary. I would like to mention her series of hands. Hands can be so expressive without the help with any other body part, perhaps because it is closely associated with touch or it is just and essential tool of both expressing and receiving intimacy. Isolating the hand as a visual symbol has the power of isolating memories related to touch. Upon looking at that image I am reminded of all the subtle interactions that are conducted with my hands that would have other wise gone unnoticed.

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