Camden Council demand Palestine banner be removed

December 9, 2016 in uncategorised

Camden Council demand Palestine banner be removed

An old, British couple living in an inverted pub on, Falkans Road have been ordered to remove a poster which has been hung for three years supporting Palestine due to the Town Hall deeming it as ‘advertising’. The poster on display read the words in bold ‘ Israel is in permanent war with Palestine for living space! Demolishing Palestine homes and settling “Israelis” in place of Palestine’. They were threatened with a heavy fine of £2,500 by the Camden Council if the banner was not taken down in 21 days. Drake  and Sue Frank were first resistant in following the order, however, a condition was made after a visit by a member of the council that the poster can be displayed from within the window.

  They admit their very forwards approach does invite controversy, but that is what they like to do and really is their intention – to influence discussions and debates.

The couple, Drake, 70 and wife Sue, 72  are both strong activists and regard themselves as ‘free thinkers – not religious’. They both share the same passion for reading books, and from the first step to entering their home indeed, their walls were all made up of shelves of stacks of book. In their early days, they recalled how they would regularly attend protests on South bank and spent time in lectures. They also witnessed how the Zionists would scream and get violent unnecessarily in response to the peaceful protests reinforcing their solid views.

  Previous to retiring, the couple both spent their lives as designers abroad in Dubai where they became educated on the issues of Palestine in-depth. Sue was interested in middle eastern costume, she studied fashion and designed ethnic clothes.  Frank worked under the Dubai leaders and his labourers were Afghans and the craftsmen were Pakistanis.  He explained there were also many Palestinian authorities who spoke of their horrifying experiences in their homeland and was instantly inspired to help make a difference.

  Although they refer to themselves as ‘old farts’ who can’t do anything active anymore, they still support by boycotting products and companies which fund the Israel and continue to create and display posters. Upon asking if they had visited the land they stand by so strong, dolefully they explained how they never had the money at first, and now that they finally do, it has become too dangerous and they, too old.

The council spokesman clarified it is not the content of the banner which is the problem, but the ‘size, location and method of illumination are relevant.’

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