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December 8, 2016 in uncategorised


Branded as an ‘invisible illness’ Crohn’s disease is something that is very visible in my life, this year has been a life changing one for me – I have finally been diagnosed with this disease that nobody really knows much about.

This year has seen more sick days than the average person can only dream of having, and I for one cannot stand missing days of work or university, so days being spent with specialists aren’t enjoyable for anyone, but for me it adds an extra toll of stress and frustration.

Crohn’s is a very touchy subject to talk about, not many people want to about your bowel movements, or the intense research they do to find the diagnosis, and as a teenage girl you really don’t want to talk about things like that anyway, and then having to explain what you’re going through to your new boyfriend is even worse!

Colonoscopy is one of the most dreaded parts of getting a diagnosis, not many people are keen about having a camera ‘where the sun doesn’t shine’, but with this disease you see an often movement and urgency to use the toilets anyway, but then adding the laxative drinks and only white food being allowed to be consumed before a colonoscopy the use of a toilet becomes one to none, I’ve counted the bathroom tiles more than I have spent time in my bed watching reruns of gossip girl.

There was once a time when I could be a wild party girl and go out every weekend at the drop of a hat, but things started to change and I could sleep up to 48 hours with waking up for only 20 minutes to use the toilet and eat – I was stuck in a brut and I didn’t know what I was doing or why I was feeling like this, it was a shock to the system and everyone around me.

Suffering with Crohns and not knowing the actually diagnosis for so long ended up in the loss of friendships I thought were forever, and arguments with work colleagues that just couldn’t understand why I was always feeling sick, if it was a physical illness there would be no questioning about it, and people would respect it and not ask question.

People don’t fully understand the side effects of Crohn’s disease, there is so much more than you think there really is, there’s the constant stomach pains, anaemia, depression, weight loss, ulcers, and there is joint pains and constant fatigue. Nobody really know the full extent of the suffering you go through.

As much as this sounds like I’m feeling sorry for myself, I would cry for hours, but if I didn’t pick myself up nobody else would – of course I have a support system around me that is wonderful, but it’s me that is going through it and I’m the one suffering with this disease I will fight it myself and look after myself, but I need to stress without a support system around me I would suffer a lot more.

You can’t let an illness control your life – you should never feel ashamed of this, and you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it’.


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