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We met with Tom Lowe to discuss adding sound to the ENO film. Music and sound effects being another vital part of a film.

I hadn’t a clue where the best places to find sound clips were. Tom advised us where to go – starting with the free resources:

Adobe offer sound files via Audition. Open Adobe Audition click Help then Download sound effects and more… offers some handy sound clips! Some are terrible and some are very good! It’s just about making sure to filter out the low quality clips.

In terms of paying for sound clips:

Then is an easy to use site and if you can make a project 10 times better by paying $3 (where’s the pound sign on this mac?) then why wouldn’t you!!

I will use Auditon for editing sound. The reason for this being:

1 – I don’t know other software particular well. I have used Audacity (FREE SOFTWARE) in the past but not like I’m an expert with it.

2 – Audition is made to use with the other Adobe programs. You can use it nicely with Premiere and even get up a video window of the film you’re working on.

3 – Unlike Premiere it is made specifically for sound.

Tom also helped us make sure that the music fades in and out better. We had a loud door slam which would be far too loud when blasted out through speakers. We need to add subtle (not OTT) sound effects for things such as the getting changed scene and clothes are whooshing around the room – the audience would expect to hear sound here especially considering the cartoon style of our film. Consider using a number of layers of sound e.g. for the audience clapping and eventually there is just the one clap (trying to make the sounds as real as possible). Apart from that – having sounds for the anchors swinging and think about atmospheric sounds.

We will meet him again for our final films and I’ll aim to have a much better understanding of editing sound in Audition as well as finding the best and most suitable sound clips.

Sound mate

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