Intellectual Property Rights

November 29, 2016 in uncategorised

Guest Lecture: Debra Goldwyn, Briffa

In short, I need a good IP lawyer to deal with the design laws and rights. Due to extremely complicated nature regrading issues and laws of intellectual property in creative industry, understanding every details seemed extremely difficult for myself. However, there are some key elements from this week’s lecture that all design managers should be aware of:

  • Copyright: protects to 2D items such as books, films, and pictures
  • Unregistered & Registered Design Rights: 3D mass produced items such as furniture or iPad
  • Trade Marks: brand or logo
  • Confidential Information: secret recipe or source code for a trading platform
  • Patents: functionality such as a new way to assemble a scaffolding tower

I have learned that copyright protects the expression of ideas but not an idea as well as both original and non-original works. Logos, shape and color, slogans, words, stylised words, and music can be registered. In case when our rights are infringed, we should first get evidence of infringement & rights, find out who is infringing, keep contemporaneous note, and instruct solicitors (Briffa). If a chance is given, I would have to learn more about the design related laws and policies to protect my works in the future.


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