Interaction of color exercises

November 24, 2016 in Unit 1 & 2 Visual Language

As I’m always struggling with  the selection of appropriate colors I decided to spend some more time on it.

I came across this brilliant book by Josef Albers  “Interaction of color”. A book about colors with only 2 colorful images in it and loads of exercises that you can  try out yourself. The aim of the exercises is to make your eyes really sensitive to interaction of colors and all of tricky illusions generated by composing some colors with each other.

I had a go and pick some of those exercises and have to say that it was worthy. You should definitely try and have a go too.

Here are some photos of what I did. I decided to analyse 3 of my favorite colors (pink, orange and green) on various backgrounds and then create a composition from colors that work (or not) well together – well according to my opinion.

Please have a look ( these are scan images so the colors are completely different from the original work).


interaction-of-color-j-a-_-orange_mix-1 interaction-of-color-j-a-_-orange_mix-2 interaction-of-color-j-a-_-orange_mix-3 interaction-of-color-j-a-_-painful-to-look-at interaction-of-color-j-a-_-orange_-colors-that-work-well-together interaction-of-color-j-a-_-orange-1 interaction-of-color-j-a-_-orange-2 interaction-of-color-j-a-_-orange-3 ja-interaction-of-colors

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