November 24, 2016 in FEMALE GAZE (POSTS), RESEARCH (POSTS)

Here I am looking at some female artists representation of men. I have consciously stayed away from the ‘man hating’ art. Not because it does not interest me, I am not dismissing it, but I am more interested in how women see a side to men that men have not portrayed themselves in art very much. Man are active characters. They show strength, power, violence, power over men. They seem to have idolised themselves by doing this. These women artists are very conscious of this, seeing a softer side to men that they rarely show to each other, these artists have created an intimacy and complexity to the male that i’ve rarely seen in art. Is it bringing them down a peg? Is there malicious intent here? Showing men ‘look your not as big as you thing you are’, is it evening the playing field? I don’t know. I don’t see that when I see these photos and painting however, I see relaxed and open men. I see them as strong for being in touch with their emotions and bodies and comfortable in doing so, as people I would like to know.  There is an openness and a connection between the subject and viewer. These are real people. Not men, but people.

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