Service Design

November 23, 2016 in uncategorised

Service Design 

Students from MA Service Experience Design & Innovation gave us invaluable experiences and insights on service design. I believe that service design is the field of design where require quality design management and design thinking approach the most. Clearly, not only tangible products could be well designed. Service, therefore the entire experience of users, also can be designed. By my own definition, service design is the optimisation of ultimate users experiences through every touchpoints and interaction with products/services. According to MA Service Experience Design & Innovation students’ course projects, the field of service design could be widely applied to various disciplines such as engineering, IT, architecture, psychology, sociology, and even our everyday life.

Students in Service Experience Design & Innovation used following method (Double Diamond Diagram) for their projects:


At the end of today’s lecture, the book ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ by Stockdorn and Schneider has been recommended for further studies. From this book I have discovered essential components of service design thinking. According to the book, the principles of design thinking that need to be understood is that it is user-centric, co-cretaive, sequencing, evidencing, and holistic. Also, the fields of service design can be wide as product design, graphic design, interaction design, social design, strategic & operation management, and ethnography design. Moreover, the tools of service design thinking process should begin with exploration, creation, reflection, and implementation (Stockdorn & Schneider).

Since my major project for my course is closely related to the design of collaboration and production in creative industry, thorough understanding of the service design thinking appeared to be imperative.



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