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November 20, 2016 in uncategorised


I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading at the moment, I’m wanting to incorporate more theory work into my practice. I think it is important as  way to provide more analysis to my work and also how I perceive it.

At 16:30 I helped Michelle take some photos of B for her work but also for B’s protfolio for dance. I enjoy photography and would love to do it more within my everyday practice, but for now it doesn’t sit in the work.


We had a lecture this morning which was just fab, The artist was called Constant Dull, his work was about the internet and social media, how there is a nothingness in the web, but also about Google and Facebook, how they have changed over the years. Also how Facebook wants you to live in the now. YouTube was another point of reference, it is a dominant video company with an enormous capital injection. He created YouTube button animations as well as the loading GIF animations. He also created a kick-starter video for his ‘company’ called DullTech, he essentially pushed the idea of a Kick-starter video and made it as ‘bad’ as possible and as boring as possible, but people wanted the product he was advertising. I thought it was amusing how what is considered ‘bad’ kick-starter videos and ‘bad’ graphics still sold a product.

From there we went to the Expo room and had our usual chat with Edwin. The fourth years in our group were exhibiting their work, Carmel’s work was contained within the space between the ceiling and the boards that cover the insulation and electrics. The work was dream like and whimsical which I enjoyed.


I cut most of my wooden poles today I didn’t finish that until 17:00, I then did some doodles in my sketchbook. Which  haven’t done for a long time, so it was nice to do that.

I then watched 5th Element with Michelle, which was such a cool film, I loved the way it was produced as there were mainly close up and mid-shots, it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before.


I helped Michelle take photos of B this morning, I also took more photos of her for her portfolio. After lunch I went to the workshops to cut the base pieces for my work. I haven’t taken into account that there is a base and a top, so I need seven more poles. So I’ll have to get those cut on Monday.


We had theory this morning which was good as per usual. At 13:00 I went and had lunch. I also did my theory for next week which took me a while to read it but I got it done. at 16:30 I cycled to meet mum and Rachel at Hotel Motez, there are 33 rooms, and each one is decorated differently, so Mum and Rachel’s room was bonkers, crochet everything.


We walked around Arnhem today and went into some lovely coffee shops and some beautiful shops. I’ve missed Mum so so much, and I am ready to go home for Christmas.


Today was cleaning day!

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