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November 18, 2016 in Feminism, Woman

You find yourself in a room, maybe alone or there are people around, you hear music and you feel your body start to move. Your body drifts to another world and let you lose yourself in these emotions trough your movements.

15151481_10208257380016163_1370587756_nWhen I was young I used to watch my dad dance, he did these moonwalks, mime dance and some jazz moves. I loved watching him
dance, he always had a smile on his face when he danced. My dad was the one introduced me to dance, which I didn`t know then.



Dance for me have always the best thing that I have ever discovered, when I dance everything becomes better and I feel comfortable. When I dance I feel that I`m showing how I really is and what I feel. Sometimes it feels like I`m dancing naked, since this is my way of showing the true me. I don`t say that much and dance is one of my ways to communicate with people without saying anything to them by words.


Even though dance is important part of me and my daily life, it has not always been in the same way. In February 2014, I found out that a close friend of mine lost her life in a car accident, I was in shock. At that time I was studying dance and we were supposed to make an solo for our show. I make my solo for her and on the day when she was supposed to be her 20th birthday she was buried. That accident change my life and how my relationship to dance, and perform that solo was really hard, but mostly very important to me.



Since I realized that I was not gonna be a dancer, but I would still use dance as a part of my work as a photographer. I have done one Performance Art before, and I use it because I makes me expend the pictures that I´m creating in another way. Performance Art is
something that I enjoy doing and it also makes me give something extra to the audience. For the work I`m doing know I will hopefully do Performance Art on the exhibition. I did some filming of how the Performance might look like.



Video from the first Performance Art:



While I was trying out how the Performance would look like and find inspiration for that, I found some videos that I think are interesting both in movement and the story behind them.

Many of this videos are two people dancing, I would be just one person, but I will use the wall and the floor as a “person(s)”. There are some powerful storys and dancers in this videos and that is what I would like my Performance to be like too.

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