I was there but it wasn’t

November 8, 2016 in Year 2 Experiment

Photography & Text


WechatIMG1I could have wept for the coming winter, because all kinds mammal looks poor in the foggy winter; be sleepy, feeling cold,less sunlight, . Can I barely survival to the next spring?


WechatIMG2I was crazily walking into this green field as far as I could attempt. I wished to purify my body by nature power, but I realized my cigarette has filled my lung when I breathed the fresh air.


WechatIMG6It was raining in Farnham, everything was wet because of the rain. voracious plants were observing rain drops, I was the only one who could avoid getting wet as I was holding an umbrella.


WechatIMG5Plenty of wooden chairs were placed in the solitude of this forest. Each one of them had created a sensational sight for this tremendous field. I was wishing that I could have stayed there for any longer.




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