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November 8, 2016 in uncategorised

Company Visit: Foster + Partners

Visiting Foster + Partner studio in London was honorable and insightful experience. It was unquestionably fascinating to explore countless collections of materials they used for the actual projects and to observe the design and prototyping process where the state-of-art technology are applied in practice. Also, the fact that Foster + Partners employees are allowed to dress up casually and come in and out of the amazing offices without time constraints was simply aspiring.


Foster + Partners London project manager’s presentation (special thanks to John) was even more inspiring and informative. Foster + Partners was established in 1967 and there are 6 regional studios with their own studio heads collaborating together globally employing 1500 people in 13 cities. Even though they are aiming to provide very open-ended and interactive working environment for the employees to cultivate collaborative organisational culture, there is still a clear hierarchy in the management (The Design Board) where groups of senior studio heads makes the important final decisions for the company. As Foster + Partners deal with projects that are safety cautious, time constrained, and involving enormous numbers of people from multiple disciplines, operating in the authoritative organizational system within collaborative boundary seems inevitable to consistently maintain their world-class reputation and the quality.


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