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November 8, 2016 in uncategorised

What is Design Activism?

my work and projects I made with others.




Structure/ organisation.


How is digital technology used in Activism?

Is it accessible to everyone? No not everyone has digital technology and access to internet, in particular because it is expensive technology that is used and therefore can be class divides and unfairness because so called ‘poor folk’ who may want to protest do not necessarily have technology or access.

Global Networks

An idea of a movement can become global very quickly because of the global internet. People can join a movement via a network.

Global Response/ connectivity.  Initiators or leaders have not necessarily disappeared but people can become involved through the internet and so leadership is not so important. people can participate through their own volition through the worldwide web. You become a broadcaster or journalist through simply having  laptop computer.

Technologies’ influence on participation.

faster and much more intense connection of people. Possibility of fostering collective actions. Internet movements develop employing technology to help shift perspectives and bring people together towards a common cause.


Transfiguring the individuals into a collective (particles in a mass)

renouncing individuality to become part of something- the bringing together of people towards a common goal overcoming individuality.

Subversion of the individual -pulling people out of isolation.

Constructing a collective identity.

The system that was intended to isolate individual or promote individuality can now be used as a tool for protest and people can use it to come together. Social media pages able to gather people together and used a s a news network or people wanting to participate in something.

The Facebook Revolution?

Facebook did not do this or cause this but was a climax of many years of much work on the ground by many people before Facebook was used. It was a tool used by the people to come together as one sphere where a conversation was taking place. Also becoming a media or news outlet which gives the ability to bypass governmental mass media. (Bypassing gatekeepers) creating a sense of autonomy- not reliant on an editor or news reader to decide what is news.

New technologies have dramatically reduced the required resources. For example anyone with a smartphone can upload a video to youtube or Facebook, twitter etc.

example : Indymedia DONT HATE THE MEDIA BE THE MEDIA. Community based peoples newsroom.Grassroots WTO media coverage from Seattle.




NODPL (water protection)



We looked at Black Loves matters website and we were looking at the design of the website as well as the way it way used to activate change.



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