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To be honesty, I did this 3D animation about 1 year before. I read a lot of traditional books, and saw lots of Beijing opera  in my university and  theaters. And interviewed lots of my alumnus who studied Peking opera. and then design these characters. Finally,  I finished  this work with music alumnus.


The lotus pattern on the drama costume has recalled the design inspiration. Chinese Peking opera has divided into four stage roles which are opera male roles, painted roles and clowns. Thus, Chinese Peaking opera shows the charm of this form of expression.

preface: soundtrack: Peking opera

A lens focusing on an opera costume with hand-painted puzzle style has been divided by PS. Gradually, drawing closer. the pattern on the cost drama has become increasingly clear. when the lens is focused on the drama costume pattern lotus bud, bud with the lens closer, slowly blooming lotus until converted into the big stage.

Main stage: 3d animation scenario fragment soundtrack: Chinese opera
” The first part” Qing Yi( female roles) comes from a lotus in the big stage, performing some kind, gentle, luxurious, elegant and with a sense of justice to the image of women in ancient drama action. when Qing Yi was intoxicating, seven-items-sesame-official (her lequins) broke out of the hole from another lotus and made amusing interacting with Qing Yi, performing a song both humorous and subtle, both witty and fresh. Meanwhile, a Wusheng( horned) with characteristics of fortitude and bravery appeared from behind petals and inserted a stride between Qing Yi and seven-items-seams-official since he mistakenly though seven-items-official was molesting Qing Yi. and he raised a stick to beat seven-items-sesame-official. Just at that moment, a large painted face righteous person(Jing role) are with clouds between his knees to the three persons, and resolved misunderstandings. Finally, they immediately reconciled and get along with each other like good family members.

Trailer(soundtrack: Peking opera)
Finally, the stage is surrounded by petals slowly closed into bud, slowly got back split in the form of clothes above a bud. becoming 2-dimensional bud, which is shifted into a “戏“ ( literally means ” Chinese Opera”) with Traditional Chinese Characters.

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