“Electrifying” Opening Event of METABOLIC by Iris Van Herpen

November 5, 2016 in uncategorised

As part of my current Dips Year internship with Iris Van Herpen in Amsterdam I was able to experience the amazing opening performance of her current exhibition METABOLIC in Deventer, the Netherlands. The exhibition has been installed on the occasion of the Witteven+Bos prize for art and innovation which she received that very same night.

Photo 05-11-16 21 46 00

Having seen the high voltage performance from 2013 on my computer screen only, I was super excited to experience it live at the Bergkerk in Deventer where she currently exhibits various of her creations. The performance which has been created in collaboration with Carlos Van Camp shows artist Natalja who is wearing a specifically designed metal suit and is standing on a tesla coil. She demonstrates the interaction of three million volts controlled by her own body movement.

Watching the spectacle from a few meters distance, I was absolutely speechless, amazed, but also shocked in a way as it felt anything else than real.

Apart from this stunning and memorable opening, some of her most iconic creations are currently still on display in the church including the water dress, the snake dress and my all time favorite crystal-esque 3D printed heels from her collection “Hacking Infinity”.

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