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November 4, 2016 in uncategorised

Edward Snowden has changed the ideology of whistleblowing, The Guardian calling him “ambitious” in NSA Files: Decoded. By refusing to be anonymous, he encourages others to be brave and “not be bullied to silence”, which he states in the documentary Citizenfour.

The secrets he reveals, with the help of journalism Glenn Greenwald, unveils the frightening reality, that America were acting as Big Brother to their citizens on a daily basis, a theory by George Orwell that is scarcely being proved correct.

This use of this traditional journalism is so powerful. It releases big government data, in a professional and factual way. This sector of investigative journalism will not decline. However, due to audience fragmentation, the different ways we consume journalism has to be noted. The way in which the story is created maybe traditional, however to keep up with modern audiences, the way in which it’s produced is important because of audience fragmentation and the erosion of business models.

There are so many different ways we, and journalists, find news in the modern day. Social discovery I would say is the most common nowadays. The most recent example is the clown scare across the UK which started in the USA. The danger of social discovery is that we as a consumer may not understand fully by just watching a video. A journalist enables us to understand what’s happening by investigating further into the goings on.

Data journalism in my opinion, is one of the most trusted piece of journalism, due to its focus on stats and hard facts. Text is just not enough now. With todays technology, people want to see graphs and figures to trust what is being written or broadcasted, with the use of interactive visualisation and online documents etc. It’s so powerful due to how open and transparent it is. We have moved so far from the days where news was just published daily or weekly, people want to know what’s going on in that instant. For example, The Guardian uses live blogs, so people can log on and see news that has occurred in the last few seconds. However due to the race to publish the story, journalists can sometimes get information wrong. Therefore a well thought out article using traditional methods of journalism, gives the public a much more reliable story.

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