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October 31, 2016 in uncategorised

 2Short and unusual CTS session on Friday 21/10. I say short cause a fire alarm made us stop almost half an hour earlier and I say unusual cause of the interesting activities I have been introduced to.As I understand we will be asked as students and creatives profiles to show and communicate our engagement in expressing ourself and give value to what surround us. This comes easy, especially when Andrew asked us to write about an object with a special value for us.


 I don’t have much of me and my past life in my room, honestly, but the first thing that I thought about was easily a mood Buddha. Is kind of a really mystical object for me as it represent an important friend of mine who I’m not really in touch anymore. We got one of this Buddha each a few years ago and that was just something about us. So we bought two. I’m not sure how speak and answer to some questions correlate to it helped me, but I felt to. I basically collect every single sheet of paper, label, business card, flyer , issues and material graphically generated and I was so happy to see that, this kind of activity, that someone would consider as madness is actually embraced by Andrew himself. Indeed, the second round of the exercise was to select an item from a box of Andrew’s property, full of sick and great pieces of any kind of graphic material, and answer to some question correlated to it. I was so jealous to see such good pieces so good preserved and I wish mine would be comparable to this one day. I choose an abstract and extra colourful birthday card from a few years ago. A masterly crafted folding paper birthday card representing something like a really crazy bird (the design has been made by Jan Pienkowsy.

3After this writing first part of the Friday morning, was wonderful to been introduced by Miranda, to Susan Sontag. Susan with her 1965 essay “On Style ” gives us a perfect input to start and think about the simple but extremely complicated concept of Style. As I anticipated at the beginning, a fire alarm got our lecture stop. We will keep on speaking on Susan’s essay in the next CTS session and in the next blog post as it definitely deserve of an appropriate space.

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