Factory Project Presentation

October 25, 2016 in uncategorised

Graham and I presented our final outcome for our collaborative research project. The research centred around the following tow words.

Context: Factory

Concern: Cultural Exchange

Here’s the outcome:


We ended up having to re-adjust our perspective on the problem after scoping it and thinking we had something. We didn’t – but that was good in that we were forced to review our efforts and consider the research from a different persepctive.

In the end we realised that our course, the college and the people we had been spendning the past 6 weeks with were the beating heart of where these two starting points has lead us.

The RCA is a modern factory of creative cultural exchange. The course is the mechanism by which new ideas and generated, interrogated and redefined.

We were very happy with this – it provided us with an illustration of how on a very practical level your research is constantly drawing from external influences that are not always immediately obvious as being connected or benficial.  I was able to take a small conversation in a persentation I attened the week before and connect to a message received from one of my MRes peers and from this find a new tangent of consideration – in this case how emojis are devoid of any inherently relatable taxonomy.

😀 😀 😀



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