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This Saturday was kind of busy for people in Kyoto. We had two ceremonies from midday to midnight, the Jidai-Sai and Kurama Fire Festival. Not only foreigners but also Japanese local were enthusiastic to them.

The Jidai-Sai is an annual festival of the Japanese history. Jidai means the ‘ages’ in Japanese. People in the parade wear those costumes based on the history and travel in the downtown area for a few hours. Like it shows in the pictures, every corner in the streets along the route was stuffed. For foreigners, it worths to go. Though people who are not a fan of Japanese history might don’t understand it that much, it is still lovely to see the kids, seniors, youngsters and even a few foreigners participate in.

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Kurama Fire Festival takes place in a little village in Kurama, where locates in the northern country side of Kyoto. It takes an hour to take a train to there from downtown. Also,it was super crowded this time. Visitors kept moving slowly in a line around the village under the police directions and see the parade of fire in a short distance. Families there decorate their house with some lightening stuff. The villagers, including kids and seniors, were in costumes and carried huge or small pine torches and shouted something to welcome their god. Although it was in a mountain and it should be cold at night, I felt quite warm because of the heat from fire are the crowd. It was really interesting, even though people queued after that for more than two hours to take the train home.

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