My Journey Here – Where am I really going?

October 23, 2016 in Uncategorized


My journey to LCC is an unusual one. First of all, I flew across the pond to be here for just one term. I did not come from an ordinary college either; my home institution, Hampshire College, is one where there are no letter grades and each student designs their own major as they move through their time at the college. That brings me to my question – where am I really going? I’m at a crossroads in my education. I don’t really have a defined major; I’m officially a games design concentrator, but I know that’s not quite right. While I am physically here, my studies are winding their way through possible areas in order to find a focus upon my return.

I attempted to evoke these feelings in my design above, and I’m only somewhat happy with the result. In a way, however, it’s just as much an example of my path as it is a visual representation of it. This image is my first creation using Photoshop, and I was therefore getting used to using the program and seeing what it could do. I think that something different would have come of this project if I was an experienced user, but that’s also part of the point. I am over here to try new things and really stretch my limits in order to discover more about my interests and talents. Who knows where that will lead? I’ll only find out by moving forward.

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