Lulu character concept designs…

October 5, 2016 in uncategorised

So for the character Lulu I wanted her to ooze seduction and the character I could think of to take inspiration from was Jessica Rabbit, I wanted her to have red hair to contrast best with the green of her ballarina outfit, a colour a chose to represent the snake / temptress side to her personality.

I almost didnt want her to look living herself… her skin as an almost corpse like colour to it and her make up it quite gothic… I have done this to show the outcome of death her seduction brings.

These maybe in altered in time… who knows! Ill keep you all update as usual! PhotoScan3PhotoScan5PhotoScan1PhotoScan4 PhotoScan2PhotoScan6 PhotoScan Headshot 1 roughBodyshotrough1 copyBodyshot1rough copy Headshot 1 finalbodyshotfinal22 copy

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