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October 4, 2016 in the big smoke

The most exciting day happened recently. I had the opportunity to contact the author of Montmorency, and with a little bit of encouragement from Kerry, I contacted her. And boy that was the best decision ever. Whilst I tentatively approached Eleanor Updale (EU) with an email asking if it were at all possible to meet her to discuss my project, she replied with such enthusiasm that I was blown away. She was more than enthusiastic to meet me, and I was immediately excited to meet her!

montmorency signedWe met at Marylebone station and she started off by giving me the most unexpected present – a copy of the American style Montmorency first edition book! Most unexpected!
She then guided me to the pub at the back of the station and we chatted for hours about the book, my designs, her ideas for how she would like the book to convert to film and my course and project in general. She was very excited about my work and positive about how my designs were similar to what she had in mind for the characters and sets. This obviously made me so excited to get started as I know I am on the right track. Meeting Eleanor was crucial to my project and seeing what direction it should be taken in, she also gave me extra information about the books, and where she looked for information when writing the books.

She has asked me to keep in contact with her and to feel free to ask her any future questions I may have throughout the project. Eleanor was an absolute angel and one of the nicest people I have ever met.

It was interesting to hear from her that Montmorency has tried to make it to our screens twice before, with no success as they adapted the story so much Eleanor wasn’t happy to proceed with them. It’s heart-warming to know this and have her be so enthusiastic about my venture into bring Montmorency to life. She also shared that before when the designing stage began she was not consulted on what style the film was to have. Meeting

Tarimond Moodboard

Tarimond Moodboard

her at this stage into my research and designing process was extremely vital to where my project was going, and where it could go. It surprised me that she was not more involved with the process and that designers in the business do not work alongside the writers at the beginning. On my projects I will always consult the writer to see that an accurate representation of the book has been produced. This is important as the magic of the story lives within the mind of the writer, so it would surely feel more concrete if it is influenced by the person who conjured it up.
J.K. Rowling is the perfect example of this, even though I hear it is rare for a writer to have such influence.

Eleanor Updale is such an inspirational lady and I am excited to bring her vision to life.

Tarimond Coastline with Colour Palette

Tarimond Coastline with Colour Palette

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