Film review: Beauty in ‘The Little Prince’

January 19, 2016 in review, unit1

If the design could not move youself , then it could not move your
audiences. ‘The Little Prince’ is a timeless work as it present a story
of growth in children’s eyes that resonate with lots of people.

‘the little prince’ is one of my favorite novel as it universally
resonates with childhood memory of individual. Some say it is a
fairy tale for adult. I agree with that. However, as we know there are
not enough materials in the book , how to adapt it for a film?

I really appreciate by the imagination of this film which recreates a
narrative part based on the friendship between a lonely little girl and
her odd pilot friend in a modern age. Not only did the story enriched,
but also remains the spirit and feature of the original story.

The original plot of the story turn to a handmade stop-motion
animation in this film, it ‘makes a remarkable stylistic leap from the
accomplished but familiar CG environs…into the world of
Saint-Exupery’s original story to life in beautiful handcrafted images
based on the author’s own crudely elegant watercolors.’ commend
by Chief Film Critic. This part is the tale in the tale which might
represent the world in little girl’s mind. People always moved by
children’s drawing, even it is imperfect, but honest and imaginative.
this echoes Saint-Exupery’s core theme of looking at the world
through the hopeful, uncorrupted eyes of a child.

Growing is a timeless theme for animation. It presents as a process
of disillusionment. For example, in ‘ my neighbor Totoro’ (one of the
fantastic animation directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by
Studio Ghibli), why only the child could see the Totoro which is the
animal in the myth, is as you believe, you can see it. The little girl
asked her grandma, ‘have you see Totoro before?’. She answered
‘yes i have , in my childhood’. It suggests that as we grow up, we
became complicated in our mind and we do not believe Totoro as
well as Santa Claus are existing anymore.

It is the reality of growth
that we could not avoid, but we still like to see this movie which
recall the beautiful thing happen in our childhood. More than that,
‘ The Little Prince’ tells us a truth that the problem is not we growing
up, but we forgetting. We do not believe because we forget to
believe. As the little girl in the movie , she do not want to grow up as
adult world is cold and strange for her. She also fear of farewell,
especially with her friend. Life is always need to face these change
whether you like or not. However, the only thing we can choose is
to remember, as the girl says at the end, ‘ i will grow up, but i will be
an excellent adult and i won’t forget every beautiful thing .

People enjoy this movie is not only its presenting a beautiful and
pure world of child, but it impact our emotion as we might forget
something ever precious for us as a child. If we try to see the world
from child’s eyes, what appears to be a hat may in fact be a boa
constrictor with an elephant inside.

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