Workshop 1

November 5, 2015 in Year 1

3 November

I tried to taking a mould cast of my arm.

i bought two different waxes one is Microcrystalline wax and another is Alginate-Slow Set was first time using wax so i do not have any information about wax.when i bought my drawing to work shop, the technician recommend that waxes .

Making a tool for taking mould cast of my arm. Before making the tool i have to check my arm length and that tool was enough length for me, taping the surface tool for not overflowing.

 put into cold water. hot water can’t into the wax it won’t work and mixing the water . After mixing the wax and water, put into the tool.

 I was waiting 10 min for dry wax and when i putted arm out i had to slow and very be carefully it was not at all what i expected because quite hard to took off .After that i’ve got bruise my hand.

After putted arm out, i can see the small hole inside the wax . i can not see the inside so i used light to see inside. i seemed like small cave .And that wax textual had been changed by squashy.

DSC02081Melting  basic wax for few minute for into the my arm shape. i like the process of making another wax because the wax already have form but i had to melt that process was interesting

DSC02088Melting pigment wax. i was melting another wax which colour is pink because i want to make like my real arm colour .
DSC02090After melting , Mixing together basis wax and pigment.

DSC02093finished melting, put into the hole the wax

and waiting about 3 hours.
DSC02097 DSC02098

After 3 hours i can see the dry waxes when wax strongly enough, I can take off the tool.


Taking away surface be carefully i used small knife for taking off.  On the process of taking off, i felt like finding relic because i had to very be carefully. And i like the shape which is demand on the shape , look different.

It wasn’t success  but i am happy with the outcome.i tried to use another shape my finger but i want to try various shape. now time to think about how develop the arm shape . i am considering put another shape of wax perhaps banana shape.

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